Finding Creative Inspiration

People often ask me what my number 1 tip is for beginners OR the one thing I wish I’d done early on in my digital career….
I've got one better! Here's the one thing I wish I knew earlier on in my career. Simply: it’s always a good idea to have multiple sources of creative inspiration.
For me, inspiration comes from all kinds of places beyond the likes of Pinterest and mindless Instagram searches…
I find joy and creative inspiration from things like: peoples' personal experiences, street art, mid-century architecture, flowers and sitting at a cafe and people-watching! 
I encourage you to branch out and start taking on inspiration from all walks of life, you never know what will spark your next brilliant idea!
There is no right or wrong way to gather creative inspiration but I certainly wouldn't advise in having only one avenue.
What's your go-to source for creative inspiration? I'd love to hear!
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