Vizual Worldwide's Marketing Strategy Boosts Client's Sales by $415,000 in 18 Months


This client approached Vizual Worldwide, a luxe digital marketing agency, with the desire to develop and maintain a consistent pipeline of product sales through advertising.

They also required Vizual Worldwide to create a regular path of communication with customers via email and/or SMS marketing and to tidy up the pre and post purchase experience.


To achieve the desired outcome, Vizual Worldwide implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy that included various activities.

Website Audit and Maintenance:

Vizual Worldwide conducted a preliminary website audit to consolidate run-on information and improve both the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI). This maintenance period helped to make the website more user-friendly, and therefore more attractive to potential customers.

Facebook Ads Manager Setup:

Vizual Worldwide set up Facebook Ads Manager for the client, including the creation of a Meta Pixel and configuration to the Shopify store. This configuration allowed Vizual Worldwide to track customer behaviour and make data-driven decisions regarding future campaigns.

Facebook and Instagram Campaigns:

Vizual Worldwide implemented ongoing Facebook and Instagram conversion, brand awareness, and retargeting campaigns. These campaigns included ad creative development, copywriting, audience building, A/B tests, and maintenance of campaigns. Approximately 3 campaigns were run per month.

Email Marketing Campaigns:

Vizual Worldwide also implemented ongoing email marketing campaigns for sales, awareness, and customer nurturing. These campaigns included the development of email sequences and customer journeys, email copywriting, graphic design or enhancement, automation of audiences/segmenting audience members, verifying current data, and maintaining the integrity of all email campaigns. Approximately 4 campaigns were run per month.

Keyword and Phrase Research:

Vizual Worldwide conducted ongoing keyword and phrase research for SEO and social media ranking. This research included all testing, analyzing, and moderation of active keywords and phrases.

Social Media Management and Auditing:

Finally, Vizual Worldwide provided ad hoc social media management, PR/marketing assistance, and platform auditing to the client.


As a result of Vizual Worldwide's comprehensive marketing strategy, this client experienced an increase of additional sales in an 18 month period of $415,000. The costs involved were $54,000 AUD inclusive of ad spend and Vizual Worldwide's fees.


Vizual Worldwide's marketing activities helped to achieve the client's desired outcomes and resulted in significant business growth. By consolidating information, improving UX/UI, setting up Facebook Ads Manager, implementing ongoing Facebook and Instagram campaigns, email marketing campaigns, conducting keyword and phrase research, and providing social media management and auditing, Vizual Worldwide was able to significantly boost the client's sales.

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