Client #1 experienced an increase of additional sales in an 18 month period of $415,00. The costs involved were $54,000 AUD inclusive of ad spend and Vizual's fees.

Client's Desired Outcome

● To develop and maintain a consistent pipeline of product sales through advertising

● To create a regular path of communication with customers via email and/or SMS marketing

● To tidy up the pre-purchase experience, purchase experience and post-purchase experience for all customers 

● To have an extra set of hands for marketing when needed

Vizual's Marketing Activities To Achieve Results

● A preliminary website audit and maintenance period to consolidate run-on information, improve both the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI). 

● Set-up of Facebook Ads Manager including the creation of a Meta Pixel and configuration to Shopify store.

● Ongoing Facebook and Instagram conversion, brand awareness and retargeting campaigns. Including ad creative development, copywriting, audience building, A/B tests and maintenance of campaigns. Approximately 3 campaigns per month.

● Ongoing email marketing campaigns for sales, awareness and customer nurturing. Including the development of email sequences and customer journeys, email copywriting, graphic design or enhancement, automation of audiences/segmenting audience members, verifying current data and maintaining the integrity of all email campaigns. Approximately 4 campaigns per month.

● Ongoing keyword and phrase research for SEO and social media ranking. Including all research, testing, analysing and moderation of active keywords and phrases.

● Ad hoc social media management, PR/marketing assistance and platform auditing.

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