ūüď£ Important Update from Us! ūüď£

Hello everyone! Liv here with some info that I'm SO pleased to announce ahead of the New Year!

Vizual is going through an #expansion I've kicked things off with an updated business name that captures the movement and intention of my entire company moving forward.

Enter: Vizual Worldwide

We are expanding the business to the United States in late 2023- it's going to be a very exciting way for us to bring more opportunity and exposure to our client base (yep, that could be you!).

We currently work with clients in the southern part of the USA (Hey, Arkansasans and Texans!! ūüĎč ) and we're making a major impact on the trajectory of their sales, marketing and comms!

From now on you'll see our new branding, new email addresses and new social media handles being rolled out. Here's a peak at the important ones:

I can be reached at liv@vizualworldwide.com

Our sales team can be reached at sales@vizualworldwide.com

IG, FB and TT @vizualofficial

2023 will be a great year for us but an even better year for YOU because we'll be bringing even more value to the table ✅

If you have any questions or need anything from us before the end of the year please reach out, we're here for you, wherever you are in the world ūüėČ

Signing off for now!

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