My favourite website add-on for results-driven data

My absolute favourite website add-ons are those that provide me [and my clients] with hard, accurate data. I want to know everything I can about the users on my site. Things like how many seconds are being spent on sales pages before exit, where geographically they're viewing from, the percentage of mobile devices to desktops in relation to conversions, how long it's taking people to purchase from first visit, where leads coming from or if the homepage videos are being watched...You get the jist.

Here's the thing, without having answers to questions like these, we're simply guessing our way through an important part of website management.

“Let's work the problem. Let's not make things worse by guessing." Gene Kranz

HotJar is a tool that has proven time and time again to be valuable for my clients. It visually showcases things like heat mapping and customer behavior. You can implement short surveys to gain user feedback [which is a great way to test UI and UX on a soft or staged website launch and see real-time user visits that are recorded so you can view their online decision making process in your own time.

If you want to end the guessing game and start making informed website edits then adding HotJar to your site is a great next move.

I've personally seen an increase in conversions across a 90 day period by 30% using HotJar for an e-Comm client in the tourism sector. The data revealed that a crucial button was placed inopportunely and that, unfortunately, a link to an external site had been broken. We were able to amend these issues in no time and almost immediately noticed the improvement in sales.

Collecting the data that you actually need will help you make informed decisions in your business and ultimately, lead you to more qualified leads and juicer sales!

This is the exact sort of thing I help my E2E marketing [end-to-end marketing] clients with in our holistic approach to their lead generation and sales. Get in touch with me and we can work out how to capture important data like this for your business!

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