Connection over perfection

A lot of emphasis gets put on perfection in business. Perfect strategy, perfect branding, perfect imagery, perfect routine, perfect social media grids...the list goes on. It's a shame because I think we lose a lot of connection in the process of crafting perfection [intentionally or not].

I firmly believe that connection over perfection, when it comes to content marketing, is the key to building a brand that people like. It goes deeper than the superficial elements of content and cuts right to the core of the matter: who needs to hear what I have to say and how can I show them?

Sure. But how, right? ūüėČ

Things like organic social media campaigns can work a treat. Showcasing UGC [user generated content] that shows another person, outside of your brand, reacting honestly to the product/service [yes, this works for service based business too!!].

As a consumer would you feel something after seeing another perfectly crafted Canva graphic, with all the bells and whistles, explaining the 8 benefits of "the best SPF to hit the Aussie market"? I would almost always say we'd be more inclined to feel something if we saw a picture or short video of a newly converted customer showcasing their admiration for the product and why it's been such a gamechanger for their skin.

Business owners with a service, I've got one for you too! What's better than seeing a client, face-to-camera, sharing their experience with your business? I can't think of anything...I recently ran a UGC campaign in my own [service based] company and it worked remarkably well. I got more of the kind of clients that I crave helping, from sharing the clients that I help right now!

Remember: people sell, not perfection.

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